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The scientific research on the therapeutic use of electromagnetic waves dates back on the 19th Century and one of the pioneers was the gifted scientist Nikola Tesla. Tesla saw the healing potential of high-frequency currents and wrote an article in titled 1898 article “High Frequency Oscillators for Electrotherapeutic and Other Purposes”. Since then several outstanding scientists evaluated the healing effects of electromagnetic waves. 

Two times Nobel laureate Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (1960) wrote that “The living cell is essentially an electrical device...” and biochemical explanations alone fail to explain the role of electricity in cellular regulation.

Clarence Cone Jr. documented the importance of transmembrane potential in the regulation of cell division in his various research papers such as “Variation of the transmembrane potential level as a basic mechanism of mitosis control” or “The role of the surface electrical transmembrane potential in normal and malignant mitogenesis”.

Scientific research papers regarding the use of electromagnetic waves for therapeutic purposes especially in the field of cancer and arthritis and an overview of other uses and the importance of trans membrane potential are available for interested parties at http://cytotron.com/research.php