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Our Origin

A 21st century miracle

I was looking at the end of the journey. A life to be ended in immense misery. For 18 years I had been contemplating this imminent catastrophe. My knees had been deteriorating for years. To compound this, I had a fall from about 10 feet, landing on the right foot. From then on I had been on treatment for about 12 years rotating from Allopathy, Homeopathy and Ayurveda. Seven eminent orthopedicians had written off my knees for immediate replacement which I refused to accept. The pain started developing in both knees even when lying on the bed. My sleep was totally disrupted. I would be out of pain when sitting on a high chair hanging the leg which temporarily separated the bones in the knee. That posture of sleeping added to my discomfort by developing a new problem, lower back pain.

I slowly transformed into an arrogant, short-tempered person. My office staff and immediate family members dreaded my company. Gradually, I was dropping into a deep depression. My family doctor and relative, Dr. K. R. Jayachandran was watching my predicament and strongly advised me to accept knee replacement. I almost stopped going to the office, let alone my business travel national and international. I started withdrawing into a cocoon, a world of extreme pain, anxiety, helplessness, depression and hatred to the whole world.

I was not at all impressed when my sister-in-law showed me an article in a magazine about a new treatment for Osteoarthritis of knees. Clinical trials were being undertaken by The Indian Institute of Aerospace Medicine (IIAM) Bangalore along with Scalene Cybernetics Ltd. inventors of the patented CYTOTRON®.

With utmost reluctance, due to pressure from my wife, we set out on the ordeal of traveling to Bangalore with immense pain during every moment of the travel. On the appointed date, to my surprise, I found about 16 patients of different age groups, with walking sticks / wheel chairs and even a patient who had failed surgical knee replacement. I was the youngest in the group. The presiding doctor explained the CYTOTRON® and its working principle. He assured that CYTOTRON® is the latest in medical electronics. While explaining the effects of CYTOTRON® he remarked that though cases where the synovial fluid in the knee joint dries up, is uncommon, he assured me that the fluid correction is automatic in such cases within 4 to 7 exposures on the machine. I was one of the unfortunate few who had developed the above condition but I was not in a mental condition to believe his words. The schedules were fixed for each one to start the treatment on 20th of April 2006 at CARD centre where the research and development were progressing.

The treatment was for 30 minutes for the femuro-tibial joints per day for 21 days without break. Nothing was felt while lying on the machine. I cannot pardon myself for my irritant behaviour to the attending nurse who with a smiling face retorted that I would be fine within weeks. On the night of the 4th exposure I woke up out of an array of pillows tucked between my knees and felt no pain in the knees. I was bewildered and waited anxiously for the impending, excruciating pain that was to follow. To my surprise nothing happened. I moved the leg consciously and no pain was felt. For a few seconds I did not know what to do. I pinched myself to make sure that it was not a dream. After a few minutes I woke up my wife to tell her about the miracle. Evidently she was not impressed by my claim. She asked me to try and sleep. I could not sleep. I do not remember how long I was awake that night.

Early next morning I got out of the bed on my legs and the pain was still there while I stood up. I sat down and the pain disappeared. After repeating a couple of times the above exercise, I telephoned Dr. Jayachandran and excitedly narrated the whole incident. Though he was happy, he cautioned me not to get upset if the pain returned as it may have been a temporary psychological phenomena. I also contacted my niece, an Internal Medicine Practitioner, and her husband, an Emergency Medicine Physician, in the U.S. Both of them advised me what Dr. Jayachandran had told me a few minutes ago. The confusion lasted for a few more days until I was convinced. The pain had disappeared from my knees while resting, but returned when pressure was applied on the knees, which was confirmed by the doctor at I.I.A.M.

  I was walking like a ship sailing in a hurricane. I was finding it difficult to walk even 10 meters at a stretch. Regimentally I was bent upon walking more steps daily to reach about 500 meters in 21 days. The swaying considerably reduced in 21 days to an unnoticeable level. I could climb a couple of steps but climbing down was somewhat difficult. I carried out all the instructions as a prayer. Slowly the condition of my knees improved day by day.

On my return I asked Dr. Jayachandran about installing a CYTOTRON® machine at Cochin. I was prepared even to sacrifice half my wealth for this venture to wipe off the tears of at least a few who suffered what I went through. Doctor was again cautious. He wanted to eliminate the possibility of a relapse. For two years he watched me almost everyday.

After the next MRI, a very slight improvement in the thickness of cartilage was also noticed. Progressively, I improved in a saw-toothed pattern, some days anxious about going back to the painful era.

I started attending office, traveling extensively and resumed my factory inspections lasting about 2 to 3 hours at a stretch including climbing up and down stairs.

One day, while in China, during the middle of factory inspection at 2° C I was surprised to hear the voice of Dr. K. R. Jayachandran on my mobile phone asking me why we could not order a CYTOTRON® machine together. He had decisively opted for the CYTOTRON® and its benefit for mankind knowing very well the financial risks involved.

Apart from Dr. Jayachandran a like minded friend of ours Mr. Antony Kanjirathinal who was an advocate of RFQMR technology and who was running a Cartography Centre at Kochi also voluntarily joined us to share the risk of a huge financial commitment for the joy of serving the once condemned osteoarthritis patients.

This was how IJRC originated.


After almost 5 years since treatment, now the treatment modalities have improved including more targeted and extended treatment time, better physiotherapy techniques and special Yoga and simultaneous treatment for other co-existing ailments of the knee, prescribed by Dr. K. R. Jayachandran.

The CYTOTRON® treatment has now become an almost sure technology. The alternative, non invasive treatment tool, CYTOTRON® is being accepted world-wide for the benefit of thousands and thousands of osteoarthritis patients dependant on pain killers, walking sticks and wheel chairs.

I am still fine and going strong in spite of advancing age.

P. V. Sathisa Baboo
Innovative Joints Rejuvenation Centre, Kochi