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Certificates - Erasmus MC University Medical Centre


Erasmus MC University Medical Centre, Netherlands - Report

Excerpts from the Audit Report of Erasmus MC University Medical Center, Netherlands out of the 14 patients that were interviewed only 1 patient had an unsatisfactory result and this patient was recently rescheduled for a second treatment. The qualitative evaluation showed in general a very positive effect. Thirteen patients said they had a (very) beneficial effect from the Cytotron™, even within the 3 week treatment period and recommend the therapy to other patients. Most patients reported no discomfort, anxiety or side effects during the Cytotron™,  treatment.

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Indian wins US cash grant for cancer treatment device

The Economics Times
18 Nov, 2010, 04.34 AM IST, Peerzada Abrar, ET Bureau

BANGALORE: CYTOTRON®, a therapeutic device to treat cancer, has been awarded a cash grant of a quarter million dollars by the US government.

The device known as CYTOTRON®, developed by Indian scientist Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar, received the funding under the US Government’s Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project, which targets activities to treat cancer and improve drug targeting and delivery.

The device helps a protein called p53 to kill the potential cancer-causing cells at the right time and no side effects has been found in conventional treatments for cancer.

“Cancer is like a terrorist. Earlier, they were normal cells, which go haywire. All cells are programmed to die after some period. And when this doesn’t happen, we call it Cancer,” Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar, chief scientific officer at Scalene Cybernetics, an Indian Technology company, said.

Mr. Kumar said that CYTOTRON® can not only treat cancer, but also has the potential to treat diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. “Currently, there is no stand alone, whole body, multi-organ suitable therapeutic device in the market,” he said.

The device is also registered with ClinicalTrials.gov for a clinical trial of multiple Sclerosis. The clinical trials for Cancer and Osteoarthritis have been successfully completed at the Centre for Advanced Research and Development (CARD), the research and development wing of Scalene Cybernetics.

“This grant provides long-awaited validation and acceptance from key opinion leaders and medical fraternity,” said Professor Meena Augustus, executive vice-president and chief scientific officer for Shreis-Scalene Sciences, a company formed by the US-based Shreis Cardiotech and Scalene Cybernetics to bring the CYTOTRON® to the US, Canadian and South American markets.

The device, which is already treating patients from India and other neighbouring countries, is now poised for entry into North and South America, the Caribbean and Mexico, following the USFDA and Health Canada-mandated clinical trials.

“The commercialisation potential of this technology which I have got patented runs into millions of dollars in markets such as the Europe and America,” said Mr. Kumar, who started to work on CYTOTRON® in 1987, but had to slow down due to lack of resources.

Doctors and Professors of Erasmus MC medical university , Netherlands visits IJRC

A team of eminent doctors and professors visited IJRC Kochi in December 2010 to study the positive effects of CYTOTRON® on severe Osteoarthritis patients. On their request IJRC provided detailed data of 254 patients who had been treated at IJRC. The visiting team scrutinized 8% of the entries for the correctness of the data provided. They were happy on the 100% reliability of the data provided.

More than a dozen patients from the second patient to the patient undergoing treatment from far and near were interviewed by the team to verify the efficacy of the treatment and were amazed by the success of 21 day CYTOTRON® treatment without medication during or after the treatment.

A paper is being published on the findings of the official team of Erasmus MC Medical University.